5 Tips to Select the Best Online Marketing Quote

The world of marketing has seen a massive shift over the last 5-10 years or so and two companies have driven this more than any other combined influence and what’s more they are bitter rivals, I’m talking of course of Google and Facebook.

Businesses in every corner of the globe have moved advertising and marketing budgets towards the digital universe, more specifically to online marketing channels. This revolution has resulted in businesses facing a myriad of potential suppliers, partners and options for their online marketing needs.

The industry has developed to the point where some of the traditional advertising channels have had to either adapt their services or close down. So now the question is how can you and your business make the right choice when faced with a selection of supplier quotes? Here are five points to consider before making a decision.

1. The price can be deceiving.

Choosing a quote based solely on price is never a good idea especially when it comes to online marketing. Online marketing has many facets and it is important that the decision maker has a basic understanding of areas such as PPC, SEO, Link building, social media marketing etc. Smaller suppliers might offer the cheapest price, but you must weigh up the risks because online advertising usually does not have any guarantees.

2. Check histories and backgrounds.

As with hiring a new member of staff, selecting an advertising supplier should not be decided on before a bit of background checking is done. Google is your best tool to find any comments and info on a supplier. Their client portfolio will give you an indication of the types of clients they managed to secure and gives you the chance to check a few references.

3. Know what you can expect from a supplier.

The best online advertising quotes will specify the deliverables and also give an approximate time frame. Online marketing is not an exact science, but it is highly measurable, so choosing a supplier that can provide up-to-date, accurate reports will allow a business to at least pull out of a supplier agreement before it becomes too expensive.

4. Which supplier will provide value and knowledge?

The market leader suppliers often do not show enough “care and support” to their smaller clients. As a client, you want to feel as if your campaign is one of the most important that a supplier manages. Whether it is face-to-face meetings, the best pricing or the latest technologies, make sure that the supplier offers value and educates the client on the marketing process.

5. Choose transparency over hype.

Proposals that sound too good to be true usually are, so the vendor who can under-promise and over-perform are the best bets. A look at the vendor’s company or corporate profile will help you see if they are transparent or are simply corporate “sweet-talkers”.

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